Suitable for

Photography (fashion, product, commercial, glamour, portrait), film, video, television, media, videography, TVCs, casual office, boardroom, meetings, showings, fashion showings, retail pop-up, launches, workshops, trainings, events, functions, beauty room,graphic design, web design, creative space, studio.


Not available on Fridays and Saturdays. Only available on a casual basis from Sunday to Thursday (day, half day, weekend, evening)


6.7m X 7.65m (51 square metres)


Per day (casual) 8 hours – $350 + GST
Per half day (casual) – $250 + GST
Evenings (6-10pm Mon – Fri) – $350 + GST
Please add 50% loading for weekends and Saturday / Sunday evenings



Beautiful light filled room with large window overlooking Toorak Road and white walls. Door can be closed and locked for privacy and filming.

Photography/Filming Notes

Great for shooting natural light. Studio has a set of 3 background rolls mounted on the wall which can be set up with various different colours to suit your project, plus access to a variety of different props, chairs, fabrics etc. We also have a hair and makeup station, a gallery and change rooms available for lease in conjunction with the studio space. Photographic equipment and studio lighting is not included in the studio rental.

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