The Importance of Having a Professional Profile Photo on LinkedIn – Article by Melinda Kay

What does your LinkedIn profile photo say about YOU?

Some LinkedIn Stats:

  • LinkedIn has over half a billion members and is the number one platform for B2B marketing.
  • Having a professional profile photo makes you 36 times more likely to be contacted!
  • Having a professional photo on your linkedin profile means you will get 14 times more profile visits!
  • 1/10th of a SECOND after someone views your profile photo on Linkedin they decide if they like, trust or want to do business with you.
  • A recent psychological study found that someone’s first impressions of you from a photo are likely to stick, even after you meet them in person!

It is amazing how many people still use a blank avatar as their LinkedIn profile photo! This is a big no no! People will wonder what you are hiding or worse still why you can’t even be bothered uploading a professional headshot. It’s like going to a networking event with a paper bag on your head! Your face is your brand as much as your logo. People remember faces!

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